Dynamic Isolation Systems - Benjamin N. Covich | Project Engineer
Benjamin N.Covikch - Project Engineer
Benjamin N. Covich, B.E., N.Z.D.E.
Project Engineer


Country of Origin: New Zealand
  Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) - The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  New Zealand Diploma of Engineering (Civil) - Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand
  New Zealand National Certificate in Carpentry - BCITO, Auckland, New Zealand

  Built and tested a vibration isolation platform for an optical measuring machine
  Production engineer for new rubber processing equipment being installed in DIS’ Reno Plant
  Project lead to develop, evaluate and test new DIS products for non-structural and residential isolation
  Co-ordinated high velocity iRDT and RDT rotating damper testing at
    the University of California San Diego (UCSD)
  Seismic analysis and design of small to medium rise concrete buildings
  Retaining wall design
  Designed timber residences
  AutoCAD drafting of houses and civil works
  Carpenter for five years. Renovated historic timber buildings and built new houses and schools

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     Travel, Hiking, Kick Boxing