Andrew Dorrus - Draftsman/Estimator
Andrew Dorris

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Country of Origin:
United States
  B.S.E.E. course work at New Mexico State University

  Over 18 years of base isolation experience
  Designed and developed isolator details and installation schemes
  Co-designer of DIS floor and low mass isolation systems
  Developed and detailed manufacturing equipment including isolator test rigs and
   presses up to 4400 ton capacity
  Developed details for Viscous Wall Dampers and their introduction to the US market
  Computer programming to streamline drafting and estimating functions along with IT
  Over 40 years of drafting in manufacturing, AEC, aerospace, electrical utilities,
   mapping and optics
  Cost estimating for Weaver Scopes and El Paso Electric Company
  Electromagnetics Testing technician at New Mexico State University

  Playing Guitar and Bass, Listening to Music, Automobile Repair,
   Collecting Immortal Lines From Movies