Dynamic Isolation Systems - The leader in the Seismic Isolation of bridges and buildings. More than 250 buildings and bridges are protected from earthquakes by DIS seismic isolators - Isolation bearings,seismic isolators,isolation,base isolation,seismic isolation,dynamic isolation systems,dis,konrad eriksen,bridge retrofit,historic building retrofit,earthquake retrofit,floor isolation,earthquake engineering,earthquake proofing,isolation bearings,isolation in india,isolation in china,isolation in japan,isolation systems,seismic isolators,shake table,shake test,earthquake testing,earthquake protection
Over 450 projects in 22 countries
Nearly 20,000 isolators designed and supplied
40 hospitals completed
150 new and retrofitted bridges
Industry Pioneer and Leader - Founded in 1982
Bearings - DIS is the leading supplier of Lead Rubber Bearings
    (LRBs) and a range of sliding and rolling bearings
Dampers - Our new Viscous Wall Damper reduces structural
    cost and is maintenance free
Non-Structural Isolation - DIS has solutions for protecting
    building contents, equipment, artwork, and Modular Data
Over 10 projects with proven performance in the 2011
    9.0 Japanese earthquake
Extensive R&D testing conducted at UCSD, UNR, SUNY Buffalo
Large bearings routinely tested to 400% shear strain
Rigorous testng to obtain JSSI Certification in Japan
EU Certified
"The World Leader in Seismic Protection"
Latest News
DIS Receives Patent
DIS Develops
3D Isolation

Dynamic Isolation Systems has developed technology which provides protection against vertical accelerations
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NRC Test
NRC Test
Dynamic Isolation Systems recently tested a full-size structure on the worlds largest shake table in Japan. The project was conducted for the Nuclear
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First North America VWD Installed
First North
America VWD
Geary Van Ness
Medical Center

The first Viscous Wall

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